Monday, October 31, 2016

The Battle of Aivonen

The Gallente Militia launched an all out offensive on the Caldari Militia stronghold of Aivonen in Black Rise region last week and over the weekend the fighting was fierce as both sides jockeyed for control of complexes to drive the Contested Value up or down.

The result has been one of the fiercest battles in recent memory.

Aivonen over just the last 24 hours has been a hotspot of massive proportions in the cluster:
That red circle is Aivonen.

Despite intense resistance and determined leadership from CalMil in general and Templis CALSF in particular, the contested level continues day over day to inch up.
The next few days will be the most important. Can the Gallente forces continue to keep up the pressure? Can CalMil turn the momentum around?

Immense shoutouts to all pilots in both militias who are making this a memorable battle we'll talk about for years to come. The Siege of Aivonen... how will it end?

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  1. Will be curious to see what happens tonight. Many of Templis' best pilots were at Eve Vegas.