Monday, November 14, 2016

T'was the EVE of Ascension

T'was the EVE of Ascension and all thru the cluster,
Pilots were waiting with all the patience they could muster.

Injectors were hung on the markets with care,
With hopes that fresh blood with money to spare,
Would soon come by and snap up all the deals,
And provide low/null/wormhole sec with fresh meals.

Eager builders waited in Cranes and Viators,
Others in speedy Prowlers and Prorators,
For Raitaru, Azbel, and Soyuito blueprints to come,
To be built and sold for lots of income.

Oh, t'was the EVE ascension and everyone debated,
If hordes of fresh faces or bitter vets awaited,
The day when EVE could be played without credit,
And if glowing reports of fun would be posted on Reddit.

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