Friday, November 11, 2016

I'm Ready

Sorry for the light blogging this week, its due to a combination of extremely busy at work and using all my free time to prepare for the expansion coming on the 15th.

All the ducks are in a row on that front, and production is moving ahead. On Tuesday after I patch I can start to build Raitarus and an Azbel as the structure components are built or are close to being finished, and I've started building a Moros in the capital line. My spreadsheet is ready, my alts are ready, everything is ready. Just need the expansion.



  1. afair you are producing out of a NPC station?
    Hope you didn't forget to update your calculation sheets for the change in production time for capitals/structures

    1. I operate on an "as needed" basis so build times don't impact me *too* much, but I am training up a second factory character to reduce bottlenecks.

      I'm hoping to move some production to an EC once the excitement dies down to cash in on those sweet bonuses.

  2. Good luck, we're all counting on you.