Monday, October 24, 2016

Project Vulcan - End of Phase III

With my decision to restructure my industrial activities I also decided I needed to restructure my shares in order to properly represent my own investment so that I can stop treating the corporate wallet as my personal piggy bank by giving myself shares. The downside of this means I'll actually need to properly manage my own assets and money to make sure I have the ships I need on hand for fleets from now on.

But before I could restructure I needed to give the opportunity to my current shareholders to sell back their shares before the value of them decreased. And before I could start the buyback, I needed to close out all outstanding builds and sales which I did on Friday as my last Archon and Thanatos sold for minor profits.

Which is nice because it means that the current Astrahus and Capital production lines are both complete with no outstanding orders so I can give a final tally of the the results of the two and a half years of effort.

Reminder: this has always been a casual operation and some structures and capitals have been sold to friends at extremely low profit levels, and the final profits reflect that.

Astrahus built: 12
Total Profit: 6,796,911,623

Caps built: 24 (10 Archons, 11 Moros, 3 Thanatos)
Total Profit: 5,291,480,820

Paid out per share: 6,044,196

There was also 10.5 billion ISK left over from the Moros windfall that was paid out as a dividend for an additional 5.25 million per share, but I didn't want to give the impression that the capital production line was more successful than it was due to extremely unusual circumstances.

In other words, someone who paid 5 million ISK for a share in Jan 2015 got back 16,294,196 ISK in total, a profit for them of 11,294,196 ISK.

Overall I'm happy with this result.

I've given my shareholder informed via evemail until Nov 1 to sell back their shares for the price they paid me originally and then I plan to create more shares for a new offering. I'm still working out the details of how much ISK I need to start up the capital and structure lines again at the same time as affording the Raitaru blueprint. And I need to figure out how many shares I want in my personal wallet for dividend income versus how many the corporation will hold on to for reinvestment purposes. And all that assumes I can convince people to buy shares again.

And there is the whole question if I want to aim high and see if I can get enough investors to try and go for an Azbel blueprint. I might be able to swing it based on my past performance and trustworthiness built up over 10 years of being Not-A-Jerk, but this is EVE and it might be hard to convince people to pitch in for a ~50 billion ISK project.

I have a week to think about it.

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  1. I'd be keen to invest, but I'm space poor. I only have around 40-50mil ISK, unless you are willing to take a Thanatos as payment :D