Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Frustration In Planning

One thing I hate about EVE expansions like the upcoming Ascension patch are the unknown details that CCP holds back but are crucially important to planning.

Take, for example, the Engineering Complexes.

Thanks to the dev blog and the updates on SISI we know a lot about how the Engplexes are going to work, down to the exact percentage of minerals a Raitaru in low sec with rigs installed will save over building in an NPC station. You can go on SISI and set one up today (although the rigs are not ready yet). But what you cannot do is verify the cost of the BPOs for the new items as everything is seeded at 100 ISK for testing purposes (which I appreciate BTW).

Repeated requests for information about the BPO costs has been ignored. Its frustrating because it should not be sensitive information; knowing the BPO cost ahead of time is not a market advantage. And its not something that might fluctuate wildly prior to release as its simply an ISK sink and not a play to player transaction. Its simply a value in the spreadsheet.

We can speculate that since the build cost of Engplexes are less than citadels that the BPO costs will be a similar ratio lower, but confirmation of that fact would be beneficial to planning.

The root of my frustration is that I want to plan out my fund raising for the new expansion but its hard to estimate if I can afford an Azbel blueprint without knowing that price. I'm concerned that I raise the money prior to release only to find out I don't have enough.

Yeah yeah, I know, first world problem.

UPDATE: CCP Fozzie posted a Q&A that addressed my frustrations. Planning can no commence in earnest!


  1. One possible reason for hiding it is that it's so outrageous that there'd be a revolt if the players knew.

    Another is that CCP is racing heedlessly towards November with no proper planning, (as their inconsistent forum presence sugests), and they've not put any thought into it...

    Or perhaps there's a good reason, but I'm not going to speculate on that.

  2. I'm still waiting on Fozzie's Post on answering questions.... its coming "soon"