Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Engineering the Complexity

When the CSM 11 Summit 1 Meeting Minutes came out I quickly turned to the section that talked about Engineering Complexes supposedly coming in November, looking for information. In the section on Structures there was some:

Discussion then moved to the Engineering Complexes
Sullen asked what the benefits of the bigger complexes, to which CCP Fozzie
replied that it would be similar to the Citadel in providing bonuses to more things
at once as you increase in size. CCP also explained that the new rigs would
provide bonuses to manufacturing (both TE and ME)
CCP further explained that Engineering Complexes would be weaker than citadels,
have longer vulnerability windows and bonuses to manufacturing
instead but
otherwise be quite similar.
Fafer asked if you could anchor Engineering Complexes near Citadels, to which
CCP replied no. The CSM expressed that they would love to see structures be able
to be linked to each other. Although this was discussed within CCP at the very
beginning of the project years ago, the complexity involved did not make this a
viable option.
CCP explained that there would be a service module that would enable
manufacturing everything but capitals and super capitals, another that enables
capitals and a final one that enables supercapital manufacturing
CCP Fozzie also explained that materials in build or completed but not delivered
build jobs could possibly drop if the structure is destroyed, but the blueprint
would go to asset safety.
Emphasis mine.

So the most interesting part was the last point, that running jobs in a EngPlex that is attacked and destroyed would not lose the blueprint (although the materials are forfeit). That is good news for anyone like me who is considering a small EngPlex for a small operation and is willing to risk the investment in a structure but much more leery about risking my billions of ISK of BPOs, and not willing to put in the effort to create endless piles of blueprint copies.

The big outstanding question for me is whether the smallest EngPlex can support the module to build capitals or if it has to be the large or extra large versions. If the latter, that will put a hamper on my Ninveah Enterprises base of operations.


  1. It's out.

    Seems that CCP doesn't support Ninveah Enterprises, or any other SME in New Eden. It's just another example of TRUMPED UP TRICKLE-DOWN economics!!!

    /s for that last bit :P

    Anyway, yeah, this is disappointed. Sadly, Dinsdale looks more and more right.

    1. Eh, is disappointing* or this has* disappointed me*.