Monday, September 19, 2016

Take The Shot

Our roam had brought our little kitchen sink fleet to Kedama looking for trouble. Outside of a large Caldari Militia fleet in Martoh, where they were working hard to flip the system during a current push on the warzone, low sec was not teeming with targets and a few pirates in Kedama had caught out attention.

Local chat lit up with someone claiming another pilot in a Dominix was a bait ship for a fleet of battleships one system over. While we were checking out a large plex the accused Dominix pilot warped in on us and I was faced with the decision: warp away or engage?

The Dominix is a typical bait ship and the chatter in local made me think it was definitely a trap, but on the other hand just last week we caught a solo Dominix on a gate and killed it, and even earlier tonight a Rattlesnake pilot allowed himself to fight and get destroyed. So while I strongly suspected the current ship was a trap I felt it was worth taking the shot. Who knows? Maybe he is alone (after all, a battleship fleet is very rare in low sec just roaming around) or maybe we can kill him before reinforcements arrive.

Alas, it was not meant to be. We got him into armour when the reinforcing battleships started to arrive and I sent the rest of the fleet away. I was caught in the trap but it was just a Thorax so I didn't mind.

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