Monday, September 26, 2016

Smacked Around the Head

Last night was not a good night.

I started the fleet off in our traditional Tristans and Navitas, a decent comp for any Novice complex fighting, when we stumbled across a Mercenary Coalition Navy Comet fleet. We setup in a plex and allowed them to come to us, but their numbers and sheer firepower burned through our reps before we could kill more than a couple.

We regrouped into Algos and Navitas fleet, the thought being the bigger buffer and DPS would give us the chance to whittle them down faster, but they left the area. However we came across a neutral/pirate cruiser fleet that we decided to engage. I made a couple unforced errors in commanding the fleet, taking gate guns and not primarying one of the two Augurors, and we were forced to disengage with bloody noses and only a single Blackbird in exchange.

I tried to reship us into crusiers to engage again but our cruiser stockpile was too many jumps away so we decided to try Algoses again with a couple more pilots and a resolution to correct the mistakes of last fight. We found them at the sun one system over and engaged, but this time they had three Tech 1 logistics cruisers and we were just short of the damage required to break them.

We were closer to home in Fliet this time so we swooped down the pipe to there and reshipped into cruisers, Vexors and Exeqs. For sure this time we had the firepower required to win this fight! We raced back towards the enemy and were surprised to find them racing towards us! But they went right past us (although we did make one Augoror pay).

Turns out they were running from a SniggWaffe cruiser fleet which was bigger than their fleet. As they warped in on us I make a snap decision to take the fight and we tried to break their logi but it was to no avail, we took some losses and extracted the rest to home.

Four fight attempts, four lost fights. Not my best night.

At least it was not boring.


  1. The real story is hidden within your story here. The first fight was an attempt to fight navy frigs with standard frigs. I'd love to hear more about how that fight went down, compared to how you wanted it to go. For instance, were your Tristan range-fit? Were they rail-fit? I'm very interested in fleet comps that can shoot "above their weight" in terms of isk investment.

    The second story... blackbird and ECM. Dirty jammers. The shame lies with them. The third one... who flies with logi in small gang? Cowards, that's who. Same story as above...

    And the last one... that sounds like a good brawl... can you tell us more about how it went down?

    1. So anyone who flies ships that are force magnifiers are cowards? Sounds more like highly intelligent ship class choices.

      I always thought Eve was about winning the fights. Silly me.

    2. I'd be with you if you wered efending something... if you are roaming around, at elast for me "winning" is the least of my concerns.

    3. @Talvorian Dex: Our main fleet was moving through Deven to Nagamenen with a couple pilots in Sujarento. THe fleet we were moving to fight was in Suj as well. Our scout reported them engaging another fleet and moving to Nag.

      We jumped into Nag as the enemy warped to the gate and cross jumped us. We waited for our other fleet members to meet up with us before giving chase when an Augoror landed. We chased it to a medium plex in Nag and killed it there.

      While we were there, the Sniggwaffe fleet chasing our original targets warped to us. I didn't know their exact comp and we were aligned; I should have warped out and evaluated the situation. But I was eager for a fight and choose to engage. There was no hostile ewar on the field so we went right after their Logi and almost broke one, but we were unable to before our logi started to break. Had I avoided the fight and formed up better in a plex or on the other side of a gate, we might have done better.

  2. What metrics have you for winning?

    Sounds like 4 wins to me here, going for fights that you might not win, but going anyway.

    Also, everything Tal said.

  3. Anonymous2:08 am

    Wouldn't be so harsh on yourself, sounds like you had fun, learned from your mistakes and didn't spend the night station spinning - win win in my book.