Thursday, September 01, 2016

Mining The Mind

With the coming changes to boosting, the biggest upshot is that you can't just AFK an alt in deep space and have it running the links. The link pilot will need to be on grid, actively piloting, and paying attention to the FC and the battle.

That means that my alt that I trained up with amazing leadership skills for boosting and Loki Strategic Cruiser skills is no longer going to be useful to me in fleets where I am leading. I'm OK with this.

I've decided to purchase some skill extractors and try out the mind mining that EVE offers. There is at least 5 million skill points in Leadership skills alone that I don't need for my alt's other activities such as hauling, buying, and selling. I'll probably extract the skills for the Loki as well. I'll then sell the skill injectors on the market and use the funds for the Industrial Array BPO fund, which I hope is coming soon.

1 comment:

  1. It is almost plausible that when CCP crated play to win with the SP reselling, they did so with an eye on how much real money cash they would make when people dumping SP after this boosting disaster...almost.

    These EA execs they brought in are definitely making their presence felt.