Friday, July 22, 2016

What If...?

Back in June of 2011 CCP released the Incarna expansion for EVE Online and instigated the Summer of Incarnage where massive player revolts and cancelling of subscriptions caused CCP management to step back in horror, look deep inside themselves to find the fault of hubris, publically apologize and reversed course by pouring development back into spaceships and the environment they exist in. The avatar gameplay and environment has since languished in the 6 years hence excepting a few new clothing and accessory options.

In hindsight we can see that the ambitious plan for Incarna and beyond was doomed to failure and its easy to forget the excitement and anticipation for walking in stations content that reached a high point after the character creator was released in Incursion expansion 7 months before. So let's play a game of "What If?" in the tradition of Marvel Comics...

Imagine, if you will, that instead of delivering a single captain's quarters with graphics that melted video cards, that CCP delivered all four captain's quarters with Incarna release. In addition, the quarters also gave players options to make minor changes and add decorations, some decorations that were rare and could only be found in exploration sites and missions or purchased from other players on the market?

* * * Alternate Universe Sequence of Events * * *

Jun 2011 - Incarna releases to mixed reviews, some players happy with the player quarters in stations, many still frustrated with lack of development of spaceship gameplay. CCP vows to dedicate some more resources to in-space content but will continue forging ahead with in-station content as well.

Oct 2011 - More content for customizing quarters are released including large quarters that players can opt to lease via a monthly ISK payment. Demo of two players in single quarter (i.e. occupant and visitor).

Dec 2011 - Concourse release - The captain's quarter door opens to an elevator that takes players to an instanced version of a station concourse (only one version for now based on Caldari designs but more planned). Each instance allows up to 10 players to interact, with a bar and a dance club to attend with simple attractions like having a drink or dancing on the dance floor. Or you can simply go to the concourse observation lounge and look at the station window which actually shows the station's system (but not real time with ships in space, static view only). Players rejoice at finally being able to interact outside of ships.

Feb 2012 - Players allowed to have 1 visitor to quarters, new minigame added to players quarters and concourse bars based on simple Slay game. Minmatar concourse released. Concourse instance player limit increased to 20.

Mar 2012 - First Slay championships run by players held in Jita.

Summer 2012 - Periculum expansion released which brings in game gambling to EVE. Players now have the option to go to an instance of the station casino where they can wager their ISK in NPC run gambling games with other players. Also, players can arrange private games of a poker-like card game with other players where the stakes can be ISK or other in game items. Gallente and Amarr concourses released, the former with tattoo parlour where players can get custom ink and the latter with a Chapel. Caldari concourse gets Mindclash arena where players can participate in battles of Mindclash with other players or NPCs, while the Minmatar concourse gets the Bazaar where unique items such as quarters decorations and avatar accessories can be browsed and purchased. In station game play activity begins to compare with in space activity as subscription number increase of players looking to participate in sci-fi roleplay.

Winter 2012-2013 - Player Owned establishments added to game that allows players to rent space on a station to set up their own business, one of bar, dance club, casino, or Mindclash arena. These can be customized with decor, minigame consoles (along with the Slay analog there are a host of 1 and 2 player minigames now), and extra facilities for more gambling, space, etc, all cost ISK. The number of players joining EVE that no longer do any in-space gameplay except for moving from one station to another represents a full one third of the EVE playerbase. Wars to drive players out of null sec stations to set up their own establishments in high traffic areas become a regular occurrence.

Spring 2013 - Corporate Offices added so that corporation can rent space on stations for housing a corporate office that players can visit for recruitment information, and member players can visit to join private corporate meetings which can be as simple as minigames, poker games, small mindclash matches, or use the holo-map control to discuss war strategy.

Fall 2013 - CPP releases Legion, new gameplay which allows avatar-based combat. Instanced zones on planets added to the game with similar functions like station concourses and hosting player owned establishments, along with new "laser" combat games similar to paintball courses.

Summer 2014 - Assault release brings full on station combat via avatars in null sec player owned stations. Players have to assault a station and try to take control of its vital systems (engineering, security, command, etc) in order to take control, while other players resist the station assault. Whole new class of player arises that specialized in avatar combat and needs to work with space combat players to get close enough and drop shields to launch assaults. When station is taken over, hostile players still stuck in the station lose access to concourse and are limited to their quarters only.

Meanwhile, development of tools to allow player run Mindclash tournaments has increased the quality of play to the point where CPP runs an Alliance Mindclash tournament where the prizes include new Elite level quarters, unique decorations for quarters or establishments, and new unique avatar accessories.

Summer 2014 - Avatar gameplay in EVE has surpassed spaceship gameplay as the number of features has increased. Avatar-based exploration being the latest feature, where players can search abandoned ships and stations for valuable artifacts or data while watching out for NPC rogue drones, traps laid by NPCs and other players, and other players themselves.

* * * * *

What if...? Well, we'll never know.


  1. "Avatar gameplay in EVE has surpassed spaceship gameplay..."

    Because spaceship gameplay was neglected and died off.

    1. I'd argue that, at this time, spending resources to develop the spaceship gameplay has not resulted in an increase in PCU. That fact supports the theory that Eve's problem is in the intake funnel and retention. Players are growing older and leaving faster than they're coming into the game.

      If CCP kept the same number of resources dedicated to spaceships and simply added WiS and Avatar developers (perhaps incorporating VR), would that satisfy you? At some point, doesn't it make sense to get more people half-way into spaceships by getting them into the game client first, then cultivate them into full pod pilots over time?

    2. Budget is a zero sum game. It isn't about satisfying me, so don't play that game, it is about applying limited resources to the right projects. What, over the last five years, do you think CCP should have given up in order to get WiS in EVE Online?

      And you don't get to say DUST 514, because Sony put money in for that, nor World of Darkness, since EVE was already stealing dev time from there. So what is left? VR and spaceships.

  2. Flippant comment aside, your timeline highlights the fundamental problem with walking in stations, which is that CCP would have to essentially create a new, avatar based game to accommodate it. Otherwise it is just a toy, a 3D chat room, from a company that can't find the resources to devote to keeping an in-game browser current.

  3. Wilhelm... jezuz man, the negativity just comes off you in waves on this topic... wow.

    (First, I hope you will post this... If not I understand, it is kinda ranty...) You said, "In hindsight we can see that the ambitious plan for Incarna and beyond was doomed to failure..."

    Why? How? Where in hell do you get doomed from? WE KILLED INCARNA. Those players who HATED to idea if WiS killed Incarna. Not CCP. They FREAKED OUT and scared CCP so bad they backed off on an idea as good as Valkyrie might be... or even better.

    The FiStards (the Flying in Space Elite) who cannot STOMACH the idea that CCP might diversify, might actually GROW as company. Or god forbid they might spend some of THEIR money on something other than the ONE fucking game they have... damned idiots.

    Wilhelm, "...a company that can't find the resources to devote to keeping an in-game browser current." really?? They have the resources, didn't see a NEED for it anymore, business decision... or, do you have secret insider knowledge that CCP is gong broke and run by retards? I respect you Wilhelm, I seriously do... but I don't see your name on the CEO/CFO plaque on the door of any multi-million dollar gaming company. And I am SICK TO DEATH of people bashing CCP... the company that CREATED EVE Online.

    I have said it many times... Walking in Stations was a Great Idea for EVE, and it still could be if Seagull grows just a slightly bigger set of balls.

    On the EVE of Contention
    On the Bone of Contention
    On Getting Back in Contention

    My dream of what WiS COULD Be...
    World and Stations

    1. No, your hypersensitivity to any negative sentiment at all about walking in stations is what is in play here. You are so wed to this feature that you literally wrote that being against it is being against CCP growing as a company and call people who actually favor the core element of "FiStards," you know, the people who actually pay to play EVE Online, the players that keep it alive.

      As for the in-game browser, go back and read why they said they were getting rid of it. It wasn't a lack of need for it, it was the effort required to keep it up to date that was they key.

      You are making stuff up, calling people names, and saying that if people don't agree with you they want CCP to fail, yet you think *I* am the one putting of waves of something?

      Take a step back man. You are way too invested in a feature that flopped five years ago. Time to move on. It isn't ever going to happen.

  4. /facepalm... "...the idea of WiS..."

  5. Anonymous7:02 am

    An interesting 'what if' - I remember looking forward to station based player interaction and being seriously disappointed by the quality of the final offering. Point and Click didn't really work and sitting in the chair was a hit and miss proposition. There wasn't really anything to interact with. External to the game were some brilliant FPS engines that made our avatar look like childish.
    But it was an exciting time, Eve was moving in a new direction and I was happy to be along for the ride. Colleague's spoke of gunning down their rivals in a station corridor/bar/wherever others were talking of armed Concord Officers to prevent ganking.
    Fun times indeed, but it never eventuated and once again I was left as disappointed as I was when I discovered the door in my quarters didn't open.

  6. I think your timeline is a bit aggressive, but essentially what you describe is creating a separate, parallel game within Eve Online, one that appeals to the "common" player. I do agree that Eve players are a rare breed among gamers.

    The idea actually intrigues me. After all, getting someone to take the plunge in Eve Online is a tall hurdle to overcome. But if they're already familiar with the world and the game client, but only playing the avatar game? That's a much smaller hurdle. Come for the WiS, stay for the hardcore "space" stuff when you're ready.

    That's an appealing idea. I'd argue that CCP could do both - perhaps even incorporate VR into the mix? The ideas of a VR WiS is very appealing to me...