Monday, July 25, 2016

Slugfest in Akidagi

Last night we joined up with other Gallente Militia corporations/alliances in a Navy Mega/Mega fleet and went to shoot at a Templis CALSF Astrahus in Akidagi system of Black Rise.

Our fleet was about 45 pilots and we anxiously scouted the Templis HQ system of Aivonen and other system of known pirates and other Cal Mil forces for incoming fleets. Soon reports of a Rattlesnake fleet in Aivonen were heard, as well as an incoming Megathron fleet from The Bastard Cartel. As Templis jumped in we warped to the Aivonen gate and engaged the enemy, but it quickly became apparent we lacked the reps from our erstwhile Guardian logistics wing so we called in FAX triage reps and the enemy called in a Dreadnought.

Over the next 30 minutes we exchanged blows, targets, kills, and deaths. We lost one of our two Apostles but destroyed an enemy Naglfar, and as our fleet moved from one battleship target to the next we finally forced the surviving enemy to retreat. Despite being significantly outnumbered we held the field and won the ISK war.

Click for full size, link to BR here.

Major props to Cal Mil foes for bringing the fight and our Gal Mil bros for a great battle! Video incoming...

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