Friday, May 13, 2016

Astrahus Experiment Was A Success

The whole idea with plunging into the citadel construction was to try something new and see if I could make a boatload of ISK while doing so, and if Astrahus production would be a revenue source going forward to compliment capital construction.

I'm happy to report that 1) boatload of ISK was made and 2) seems to be a very profitable activity going forward.

Market Data as of May 13

I built 5 Astrahus so far and made just under 5 billion ISK profit, including the one Astrahus I donated for zero profit to Aideron Robotics, and I was not even gouging the market for as much as I could have. As you can see by the graph above, the price of an Astrahus appears to be settling in the 1.5 billion range which is still pulling in about 400-500 million ISK profit for me and my current stockpiles of Planetary Interaction materials. With the capital production, I was happy with a return of 100-200 million per unit so those citadel numbers are amazing.

Long term, within the coming months, I expect Astrahus prices to normalize in the 1-1.2 billion ISK range depending on how the price of planet materials fluctuates in that timeframe. I doubt we'll ever see a 600 million ISK Astrahus unless the market becomes oversupplied since they are so easy to build and the supply outstrips demand as the rush diminishes to POS like levels.

For the second BPO I purchased, I don't need it to rush production so I've sent it to the copy labs to make BPCs to sell. If you want one, let me know and I can hook you up.

Meanwhile, I updated all my spreadsheets and have been consolidating mineral stockpiles at my staging system to restart the Ninveah Enterprises Moros line once more. It seems the capital changes have not negatively impacted Dreadnoughts in general or the Moros in particular so its time to get back on that horse.

To illustrate just how profitable the Astrahus experiment was, I made 6.6 billion ISK profit building 17 capitals and compared to 5 billion ISK on 4 Astrahus citadels (disregarding BPO costs of course). My shareholders are extremely happy.

For the record, I've invested 50 billion ISK in new and researched BPOs for Project Vulcan, including the 12 billion for the two Astrahus BPOs. My shareholders supplied 5 billion of that ISK to purchase the ME10 Moros BPO.


  1. shareholders, that is an interesting concept. do they get dividends etc based on your profits?

    1. Yes, profits from every sale are paid out as dividends.