Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Trying Out Carrier On Sisi

I logged into Singularity the other day and played around with the new fighter mechanics. Here are some screenshots and my initial thoughts. Click for fullsized screenshots.

I docked at an Astrahaus citadel and when I undocked the model was gone but all the lights were still there!

The tether which I assume gives some protection while near the Citadel. You can see the effect on the ship and the icon in the buffs bar.

Why yes, that is a permanent Quafe SKIN for my Thanatos.

An example of the three types of fighters that carriers can use: anti-fighter attack craft, general purpose attack craft, and Ewar craft.

The new fighter control panel can be undocked from the modules and placed wherever you want, like on the other side of the HUD.

I found it was fine for my testing combined with modules and you switch back and forth using the small button on the lower left. You can give orders via the three buttons which can apply to all squadrons or only some of them depending on what ones are selected via clicking on their icon.

All three types attacking Mordu's Legion battleships.

There is lots of room in the fighter hanger so I was able to quickly swap out the anti-fighters and Ewar fighters for more attack fighters. Their biggest damage comes from the rocket assault.

See the curved position lines for the objects in space on the tactical overlay? Very unique method for dealing with positions and ranges in 3D space and makes it easy to see the range to things. The numbers on the fighters in space correspond to their spot on the HUD.

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