Thursday, March 31, 2016

BB 73 - EVE Civilizations

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Blog Banter 73 - The Other Eve Game?
So soon(tm) we will have Eve Online, Valkyrie, Gunjack and the as yet untitled FPS to replace DUST514/Project Legion. Are we missing anything else? Are then any other games CCP should be looking into? Colony building simulators in the style of Sim City or Rimworld. Should it be on a grander scale link Civilisation or Stronghold Kingdoms. How about RTS games ala Command and Conquer. Survival games such as Rust? Planet based combat like World of Tanks? Would you like to see other game types expanding the Eve Universe or should CCP stick to what it knows?
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Have you ever player one of the Civilizations game, or really any 4X game, on a harder setting where you just can't take every other civilization on singlehandedly, and you get into that position where you have to try and keep some happy while you deal with the others?

And you ever get into the situation where everyone decides they hate you and you end up at war with everyone anyway? Sound familiar?
Oh Dear God!

But everyone is going to think of that, right?

Another old awesome game is called Sword of the Samurai made by Microprose way back in 1989.

This was an interesting combination of strategy and role playing where you are a Samurai lord and you must work your way up the feudal ladder to become Shogun of Japan. This game had many different modes as you played; armies on maps, sword fight minigame, overhead ninja game, province management, it was a deep and fascinating game for its time.

I think an EVE version of this game could be amazing. Not pure roleplaying but mission based roleplay / strategy of a Capsuleer rising through the ranks to become corporation CEO, then Alliance Executor, then Coalition Leader. The goal of the game would be to secure several regions in null sec (i.e. Shogun). It could have a large fleet battle where you pit your doctrines against the enemy's, a single ship mode where you fight off a sudden attack, station infiltration minigame, diplomacy mini game as you try to make allies, resource management as you build your empire of fleets and stations, etc.

I would play the shit out of that game as a simpler fantasy roleplay counterpoint to EVE's actual simulation gameplay. 

Huh, a roleplay game about a real-play game. I'm all in.


  1. "Mount and Blade: Warband" has a similar, but more modern take on this. In many ways, it's sort of like faction warfare in Eve: there are systems all over a map with varied factions controlling them. You start as a single person who gathers wealth/resources to build up your squad, wander around the map to trade and support political and diplomatic missions, and jump into first-person for skirmishing. Highly recommended.

  2. The newest version of that series is coming out too if it catches your attention.