Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Project Vulcan - Fall Review

Back in September I solicited some shareholders and used the funds to move start a Moros production line alongside my Archon production line. I have built and sold 6 Archons and 4 Moros since that time and my investors have seen a total of 1.237 million ISK dividend payout on each 5 million ISK share. I don't honestly know if that is good or not, but my shareholders seem happy.

As part of my re-organized project I improved my spreadsheet tracking to track historical data as well as factory costs more closely and the result of that is that I can get a better idea of trends in costs and sell prices of my wares.

All four Moros sold for almost the exact same price on the markets of about 2.5 billion, but the total production cost varied from a low of 2.05 billion to 2.33 billion, with a resulting expecting profit of about 240 million. For the Archons the sell price varied more and the profit varied from a low of 127 million to a high of 270 million, typical expectant profit is currently pegged around 160 million.

Long story short, fall's total profit was 2,475,323,322 ISK.

Here is a graph showing the mineral buy costs in Dodixie of my Archons and Moros productions including the items currently in production.
Click for full size
I originally made a graph simply showing the price changes but its hard to comprehend that a small change in price of tritanium can have a far more powerful impact than a larger change in say, Zydrine for example. So I made this graph showing the total cost of minerals per ship over the fall period. That way you can see the massive impact that the price of Mexallon from 48 ISK on Sept 15th to 65 ISK two weeks later had on my bottom line, adding over 160 million ISK to the cost of a Moros. Another example is that we see tritanium costs for both Archons and Moros have been increasing significantly and steadily until December while high end minerals Megacyte and Zydrine have been decreasing the entire time.

I don't know if anyone finds this information as enthralling as I do but its my blog so there you go. :)

Coming up this winter and spring, I plan to continue production in the same rate until the capital changes get closer and we can evaluate the impact of them on the future market trends.


  1. I think I said some time ago here ago that when you get into capital manufacturing, you are essentially getting into mineral market speculation. I built a few caps (Thannies, Archons, Morosii??) for a small but well-known group some time ago. Profits were all over the map as I found that they expected to buy the ships at the current spot prices on the contract market (which was reasonable), while my costs were clearly in minerals purchased well before.

  2. Vince got to the point, but wen I'm building caps/supers I have pre-arranged contracts with miner corps and independent miners. Usually my cost ends up 10%/15% lower than buying in the market and not having to wait for long buy orders and multiple systems movements. My two cents: You should look into this type of contracts to improve your profit and be less dependent on investors.