Thursday, January 07, 2016

Cautionary Tale

So I'm was loving my new ASUS PC when yesterday morning after some casual gaming before work an app opened up and notified me that there was a BIOS update available for my machine, did I want to install it?

Maybe I was distracted, maybe I was so comfortable with constant windows updates and the smoothness that my new PC was running for the past two months since I purchased it that I was lulled out of cautionary awareness into complacent dullness, whatever, but I clicked OK without a second thought.

"All done, you need to restart your machine," it prompted happily after a minute of work.

Computer shuts down, computer starts, power light comes on, internal fan spins...

And nothing else.

No beeps, no POST, no BIOS.

She's dead, Jim.
As much computing power as my PC has.
The worst part is I should have known better. I know BIOS updates are risky business, I know how badly a botched BIOS update can destroy your motherboard, I know. But I slipped up. I hit OK.

Now I'm entering the long torturous process of manufacturer tech support and product returns.


  1. I had my Win10 set to automatically install updates. Back on 19 December it did so in the middle of the night and rebooted... and I woke up to find my pcv stuck in a reboot loop.

    Fortunately, I made a Win10 recovery USB stick so I was able to boot to that and do a system restore to before the update was installed, then turn off automatic updates.

    Last night, it asked me if it could install the update again. I figured "why not?" and told it to do so at 3 am. And I woke up this morning to find it back in that boot loop. system restore didn't work this time, though, so....... I reset windows and while it saved my data, I'm going to need to reinstall things tonight when I get home from work. Assuming it's booting into Windows again when I get home tonight. It was still in process of the reset this morning when I had to leave.

  2. Bad news :(.

    Hope you get it fixed soon.

  3. I had a pretty good ASUS laptop for Eve (18") and since had an Alienware, which I've passed on to my sons. I now have a new Sky X9 from Eurocom ( out of Ottawa.

    Sadly, the new screen is only 17" diagonal, not 18"