Monday, January 18, 2016

Citadel BPO Fund

I was selling a Moros on the market as I do a couple times a month thanks to the output of Project Vulcan and it was sitting in a sell order for 2.65 billion ISK, cheapest in the Placid region. Due to a recent Moros BPO purchase my corporate wallet was down in under 120 million ISK so I needed the sale to get going on the next build.

I logged in Saturday morning to see if the order needed updating to remain competitive with the North Placid sellers and I see the dreadnought has sold. I check the wallet and became very confused.

"Why does my wallet only have 20 million ISK?" I said aloud with confusion written on my face.

I stopped. I counted out, "thousands", "millions", "billions"... and then changed my question to "Why does my wallet have 20 billion ISK?!"

Did I have a BPO for sale I forgot about that someone bought? No, they are not that much. Was it a donation from a shareholder or something? I quickly scanned my wallet transactions and found the culprit.

Ah ha! Someone bought my Moros for 20 billion ISK. I sent off an evemail asking if it was a mistake or leaving the game donation and they confirmed it was an extra digit mistake and they congratulated me on the windfall.

With this sudden influx of capital I was left considering options of what to do. After checking the market for prices of Utu frigates (100 billion?! Ah man....) I decided to save the ISK for the upcoming Citadel expansion and see if there is a chance to invest in a Medium Citadel blueprint and get in on the ground floor of the citadel land rush. 

Spring is coming.


  1. How does an additional digit translate from 2,600 million to 20,012 million? And how does someone overpay on a contract when they just hit the accept button????

    1. I sell on the market, not contracts. I believe the window defaults to your max ISK in wallet if you put in too much?

  2. Ah OK, that makes way more sense then.