Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Citadel Blueprint Thoughts

After my recent windfall and discovery that the price of Utu frigates has climbed far beyond my means, I put the ISK aside to save for the coming of Citadel blueprints which is coming a lot faster than I expected. From the dev blog "The First Citadels: HELP UPWELL CONSORTIUM BUILD THE WORLD OF TOMORROW" we find out that some BPCs are coming very soon:
From January 26th, Intaki Bank’s special accounts manager Lee Brinalle, will accept contracts ( from capsuleers for the item ‘Research Component’ to help build the citadels in 5 locations in New Eden. To reward you for your efforts, each Research Component contracted to Lee Brinalle, will entitle you to one entry in to an Upwell sponsored prize draw. The lucky winner of the draw will receive a unique token that can be exchanged for 1, fully researched, Astrahus citadel BPC.   
But wait there’s more! Upwell would like to create 5 prototypes in different locations, so as capsuleers manage to provide the Research Component quota  needed for the first citadel, Upwell will increase the rewards for each additional prototype citadel:
Citadel 2: One additional Astrahus BPC
Citadel 3: Two more Astrahus BPC’s
Citadel 4: One more Astrahus BPC and Upwell Branded Apparel for every capsuleer who contracts a Research Component
Citadel 5: 1 Fortizar BPC
(All BPCs will be fully researched)  
So the more ‘Research Component’ items you contract to Lee Brinalle, the more chances you have of being selected during the prize draw.  There will be a draw for 1 Astrahus BPC after February 9th, where all capsuleers who donated Research Components will be automatically entered and in with a chance to win.  If all 5 are completed, the draw will be for 5 Astrahus BPCs and 1 Fortizar BPC. In addition, the top contributor plus all prize winners will have their names immortalized on the descriptions for the prototype citadels they helped construct.  As the prize draws will happen at the end, all entries from January 26th - February 9th will be a part of the draw for each reward.  
You can start collecting Research Components any time, but starting January 26th, remember to contract them to “Lee Brinalle”, for your chance to be in the running.
So at least one BPC will be rewarded on Feb 9th for a Medium Citadel (aka Astrahus) and maybe up to 5 of them, and possibly one Large Citadel BPC (aka Fortizar). I don't know for certain if the BPCs will be released close to that date or awarded once the Citadel expansion goes completely live, or what lead time they will have on BPOs will be.

Speaking of BPOs, I looked into the earlier dev blog "BUILDING YOUR CITADEL, ONE BLOCK AT A TIME" and found the relevant information there about costs and availability:
Regarding the blueprints themselves:
- Like all Tech I blueprints, they will be seeded from specific NPC corporations through various areas of space, including high-security areas.
- The price tag will be ten times the hull cost, thus 6b ISK for a Medium Citadel, 70b ISK for a Large Citadel and 700b ISK for an X-Large Citadel.
And further on:
Details on the Citadel blueprint themselves are available below:
So the Large Citadel BPO is definitely out of reach without completely liquidating my capital BPO collection and I have no interest in that at all. However, the Astrahus BPO is within the price range, low enough that I'm considering buying two and putting one immediately into ME research while building with the other.

Another alternative is to invest in some of the Structure component blueprints, or the more expensive service module blueprints like the Market Hub which is estimated at 7 billion ISK for the BPO.

Lots of places to fit in but its hard to determine where the most bang for the buck will be.


  1. Open another syndicate and do the share thing again?

  2. Think about how much minerals will be required to build even one citadel. Then think about how many POSes will need to be replaced with citadels. Multiply these numbers.

    Conclusion: Use your windfall to invest in minerals. :)