Friday, December 11, 2015

Magus Test Drive

I took the Magus out for a test drive this morning to get a feel for the micro jump field generator (aka Jumper) and how it works exactly.

For the record, I have Command Destroyers III at the time of the test drive, and Micro Jump Operation V.

Here are the ships special bonuses:

I totally didn't realize that the ship got the 50% reduction in MWD bloom. Handy.

And the fitted Jumper stats:

Couple more levels of Command Destroyers should bring that 5.74 seconds down to close to 5.

Here is the fitted attributes of a warfare link module with my awesome leadership skills (and they said it was a waste of time!):

And my speed with mid grade snakes:

First thing I did was try the Jumper from inside a POS. The module activated, the effect swooshed... but I didn't go anywhere. Tried it twice. Looks pretty though:
SWHOOSH! Click to embiggen
I went to a safe spot and tried a few jumps. Once the Jumper is activated I could not change direction, got a popup message saying I could not do that. Made a triangle to confirm my directions before and after jumping:

Next step is to test some scenarios with other ships.


  1. Can you tell me how Sig bloom applies?

    Is it (the 150% bonus):

    100 x 1.5 = 150?

    or is it 100 x (1+1.5) = 250?

    1. Normally a MWD gives a 500% increase in signature. Assault Frigs, HACs, and now Command Dessies fitted with an active MWD only increase signature by 250% . Does that answer the question?

    2. So it is the 100 x (1+x) then. Cheers. I'm still not convinced these are in anyway balanced, or well-thought-out, but at least I understand the maths now!

    3. I'n general, when CCP says bonus, they mean the v * (1 + n) formulation