Monday, October 05, 2015

Return of the Battlecruiser

This weekend Aideron Robotics took out two Kitchen Sink Battlecruiser fleets to celebrate and test out the changes that came in Vanguard to the Combat Battlecruisers.

I decided to show off and took my Sleipnir Command Ship instead of one of my three Combat Battlecruisers and our fleet at max size had about 7 other battlecruisers along with me. We got some good kills (including this juicy Prophecy) and avoided any serious losses.
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Overall the mobility issues that are a problem in ship classes above cruiser sized did not plague us as we had some good tackle and the tanks meant if anyone got into trouble we had time to react and recover. The damage application of the fleet was scary and destroyers especially were chewable dog toys when they engaged us. The only thing we ran from all night was when Brave Squids undocked a 17 Caracal fleet backed by 8 Scythe logi.

Only one of us was on the ball enough to fit a Micro Jump Drive. Next time we'll have to get everyone to fit that to try out how it affects the class' mobility.

I think I'm definitely going to add battlecruiser roams to my fleet choice rotation now, at any rate.

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Slightly on topic, I'm not going to waste a lot of digital ink on the amazing Eve Updates page that CCP Seagull unveiled on Friday, as others have done so already and done a good job of it, but one thing that stood out was the New Tech II destroyers they announced as coming this winter.
Four new Tech II Destroyers that favor defense and speed and can fit the powerful and versatile area-of-affect Micro Jump Field Generators, which microjump you and any ships nearby far from your current location.

I assume the hulls used will be the latest dessie hulls (Algos, Talwar, Corax, and Dragoon) but what I really want to know is what limitations this group jump drive will have. I assume it will only work on other Destroyers and Frigates but if it works on cruisers I can see this being a Must-have for a lot of fleets. Can't wait to see it.

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  1. If that's ANY ships, not just friendlies, going to be very disruptive. Focus on speed and defence is ideal.