Friday, October 02, 2015

Accurate Graph

From the Random Posts From Auga blog, one finds this graph, the most accurate I've seen describing EVE player retention via experience and time.

Click for full size.

I"m currently up there in the Eve Bliss zone these days, hanging around with the PVP is cool crowd, but I've spent some time in the Eve Hell zone prior to getting into m3 Corp back in the day and making it to the island. 

FAKE EDIT: While looking at the graph, I saw another blog address near the top, called Dark's Eve Online Blog. Here's the original post.


  1. Heh, nice chart. I am somewhere between "getting by" and "bliss" where I have a happy little routine that isn't too taxing and keeps me interested. But it is just a routine and I am not breaking any new ground in my experience.

  2. Huh, so apparently you can't be happy in EvE without pvping...wish someone would have told me. Haven't been involved in pvp in forever, still happily playing.

  3. Typical crap from an ideologue.

    Only reason PvE may be hell is because you and your kind have mounted a campaign over years to make it as unpleasant as possible. I include the devs in your back pocket in your group.