Thursday, September 17, 2015

Warship Wednesday - On a Thursday Because Screw You

World of Warships is officially Live which besides adding the Tirpitz to the shop means very little as we're basically still using the 0.4.1 patch which nerfed carriers hard.

On the upside, the beautiful Tirpitz:
So Pretty....

One last comment on carriers in the post 0.4.1 patch world and next week I'll delve into making Battleships work.

I've been working hard on getting my tier VII Hyiru to work adequately in the fire frenzy of fighters and cruiser AA now and I'm starting to get the hang of it after some very disappointing initial games. I'm continuing the 2/2/2 strike loadout and typically only send my torpedo and dive bombers after battleships whereas pre-patch I felt comfortable lining up the occasional destroyer and cruiser. But the 33% fewer torps per run and the increase in hostile air traffic means its harder to get sufficient damage for that to work.

On top of that, I've had to work a lot harder at multi-tasking three different groups instead of two. I found myself leaving planes landed or just circling nothing a few times but I've developed strategies to deal with that and the last few games have paid dividends. For a while I was down to only 4-6 torp hits a game but lately I'm back up to 8-12.

On the other side of the coin, I'm up to a fully upgraded tier V Bogue USN carrier and I've fit it out for fighter domination. With its two deadly fighter squadrons I've made life difficult for a few Hosho and Bogue carriers recently, but as noted everywhere the rewards for such gameplay are pathetic. I can get over 1400 base exp for a win with my IJN carrier, but lucky to break a 1000 with the USN counterpart. One dive bomber actually causing damage is frustrating. Fortunately the squeaky wheels on the forums are on the case and I'm hopeful a little more reward balance is coming soon.

Next week: my ranked battles experience and Battleships!

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  1. I have to echo your frustration with the anti-bomber rewards, but from a different perspective. As an AA cruiser, defending carriers and battleships from planes is deeply unrewarding. Not only do I get less XP, I get smacked at in chat also.

    It would be great if killing planes got more XP, or some sort of 'anti-air' medal. One might exist, but it seems to have a very high requirement.

    Basically, a 'teamwork is good' reward would be really nice, because 'Lonewolf-ing' is optimal compared to actually defending your carriers.