Wednesday, September 16, 2015

9 Years

In all the excitement last week of expanding my manufacturing enterprise and planning fleets for Aideron Robotics, I completely forgot my 9th birthday on Sept 9th. Huh, 9,9,9.... eerie.

Its hard to believe its been 9 years. But looking back it makes sense, I've basically played three different games for three years each. The first three years was low sec pirate, sometimes null sec bear, who made a lot of mistakes and didn't really accomplish much. The second three years was in m3 Corp and finally became proficient in PvP in low sec and null sec and really got into serious manufacturing through invention. And the last three years was all about faction warfare in Essence and area at first mostly alone but quickly joined with Aideron Robotics for the last two years and 7 months, as well as moving into capital manufacturing for my ISK needs.

Time to start planning what I'm going to do to celebrate ten years next September!


  1. Aha! Proof that you and EveHermit are actually the same person!

  2. Yeah, there must have been something going on nine years ago. EveHermit celebrating 9 years in EVE this week, you last week, me the week before.