Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Warship Wednesday: Service Record

Open Beta has been rolling for a while and I got my first Tier V ships, the battleship IJN Kongo and carrier IJN Zuiho, yesterday and today respectively so I figure its time to have a quick look at my service record and and see how I've been doing.

Battles Fought 123
Average Experience per Battle 931
Victories / Battles 47.97%
Kill / Death Ratio 1.20
Average Damage Caused per Battle 27,930

It doesn't tell me yet what rank those numbers are overall.

My top ships are the tier IV Myogi battleship and Hosho carrier, not surprising since I've played the most battles in each of them.

In the Myogi:
Battles: 32
Victories: 12
Avg Exp (max): 940 (2433)
Avg Dam (max): 27K (94K)
Avg Warships Destroyed (max): 0.78 (3)

For the Hosho:
Battles: 17
Victories: 12
Avg Exp (max): 1319 (2424)
Avg Dam (max): 53K (118K)
Avg Warships Destroyed (max): 1.24 (4)

Its a small sample size but reflects my impressions that I am a lot more dangerous with my planes than I am with my guns overall, but a good game in either ship comes out roughly equivalent.

For comparison, I've done 12 games in my tier IV Phoenix cruiser:
Battles: 12
Victories: 6
Avg Exp (max): 721 (2274)
Avg Dam (max): 15K (44K)
Avg Warships Destroyed (max): 0.25 (2)

The neat thing about Wargaming service records is that they allow you to look up ANY player's record... like new captain Mabrick of Mabrick's Mumblings. We can see he's in a tier IV Phoenix cruiser with these stats:
Battles: 14
Victories: 9
Avg Exp (max): 686 (1404)
Avg Dam (max): 20K (44K)
Avg Warships Destroyed (max): 0.71 (3)

Looking good Mabrick!

Now, if only I can figure out why I'm doing so poorly in my new Kongo...


  1. How'd you get the individual ship stats? All I could find (in-game, at least) were my overall stats. :l

    1. Go to the website, log in, and you can look at your profile for the various World Of games.

  2. I have to say, this game would be *so* much better, if I could just command all the ships. There's nothing more frustrating than watching a Destroyer come closer and closer to the enemy, launch a horrible volley, get hit by a volley of 16" shells, and roll over. That the enemy destroyers then have pick of our ships is just another fun outcome.

    It would also be great if the Chester didn't have such a terrible gun placement. Still, onwards to the St Louis, in a weeks time, it feels.

    Rob K, going down with the ship, *over and over*

  3. Strangely, my Myogi stats are similar to yours (except the gained exp and max dmg), but I hate it. The only reason I'm putting up with it is, that it's needed to unlock the Hosho. It's guns love to shoot under the target with one barrel and above the target with the other barrel.
    On the other hand, I love the IJN dessies. There are often matches where I don't fire my guns even once.
    If you're interested, you can check me out. IGThf @EU server.