Monday, July 13, 2015

Aideron Hecate Fleet

Aideron Robotics has been eagerly awaiting the fourth and final Tactical Destroyer for months, half a year even. While we made some use of the other destroyers in various solo, small gang, and fleet applications, none of them slotted perfectly into our current major doctrines of Gallente / Drone / Rails / Armour-Hull tanking, but the Gallente version had promise to do so.

As the stats of the new ship solidified our theorycrafters when to work and I made an announcement: an Aideron Hecate fleet the Sunday night after the ship is released in which I provided the fully fit ships to everyone who could attend.

It was expensive, but totally worth it. Since the Hecate fits into our main doctrine and skill training so nicely, less than a week after release we put together a fleet of 15-17 Hecates and a bunch of Navitas logistics and paid a visit to Brave Newbies new system in Placid region. We didn't run into any serious brawls but we got some kills here and there and proved we really like the new ship.

Here are some screenshots from the fleet, click for full size.

Expect to see more on this ship in the future.

BTW, Aideron Robotics is recruiting! Come talk to us in public channel "Aideron Robotics"!


  1. Thanks for the visit!

    (Or Grrr Aideron as we say in null sec).

  2. Anonymous5:33 pm

    There is a scene in Dune where House Atreides is flying up to the highliners in formation. Your shots really reminded me of it, esp the third one.

    1. I had exactly the same thought. This is the scene you're talking about isn't it? Guild Heighliner in orbit