Monday, June 08, 2015


I've long been a fan of overview modernization and was quite ecstatic when the dev blog came out to announce an overhaul of the icons to allow more information at a glance through the use of icons, specifically more ship icons:
To say I was floored as well as extremely happy would be an understatement. I have some minor concerns about the ship icons and how easy it will be to distinguish them on the overview when all is said and done, but I like the direction and the desired outcome.
There have been some reports from the community that a lot of people were unhappy and requesting a rollback to the old icons! *GASP*
Last night I had a fleet up and running and it was a good chance to see the new icons up close and in action and my reaction overall would be satisfied. I like that there is more icons for miscellaneous stuff like corpses and a greater variety of icons for agents in space versus other NPCs, I like that I can tell that a group is in destroyers versus battlecruisers in a glance, and generally approve of the direction being taken overall.

I'm not too sure about the hollow nature of the ship icons though, I found in my overview they tended to blend together when I was facing a mixed fleet: the frigates stood out from the cruisers, but the battlecruiser and more importantly the battleship icons blended in too well, just too many lines, not enough shape.

However, no request to rollback here, I like the direction.

If you're having trouble getting used to the new icons, I highly recommend downloading a copy of Rixx Javix's handy icon guide he created. Thanks Rixx!


  1. I like the new icons even though they do take some getting used to. I don't really understand the push-back, especially given that the rest of the Overview remains unchanged - you still have color tags, bars, and names to go by.

  2. I found no issues once I got familiar with the icons.