Monday, April 27, 2015

Industry Changes - Followup

Its been a year since I looked at the (then) upcoming industry changes and wrote this:
But an even bigger loser in this shell game of production benefits and nerfs is the low sec producer: as much risk as null sec (if not more) but only a portion of the benefit. Low sec capital producers may really see the crunch as the volume there is less massive and can be more easily fulfilled by a number of producers operating out of shallow null sec. I can see low sec eventually becoming an importer of capital ships instead of an exporter for the markets as null sec producers would want to move their product to neutral markets to reach the widest audience. However, the crystal ball is cloudy on this issue and more time needs to pass before anything for certain can be said.
I operate in Placid and what I`ve noticed over the past 6 months is that the number of Archon and Thanatos capitals for sale on the market in this low sec system has increasingly gone upwards. As supply increases in relation to the demand, the price will drop as competition occurs. So far, what I`ve seen in my little corner of the cluster, this is holding true. Whether this is a result of increased production or decreased demand (or both) is unclear. I suspect its a case of decreased demand as the jump changes of Phoebe and the upcoming FozzieSov changes create a one-two punch of less need for capitals right now.

The upshot of this personally is a slower pace of capital production while I evaluate the market and give some time for less efficient producers to close up show to reduce demand. I am still operating at a profit, just a smaller one than previously enjoyed.

I`m hoping that once the dust settles from FozzieSov this summer I can increase production again.


  1. I wonder how some of these people build these ships for the prices they offer them at.

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  2. Some of the climb in sales will also have been people like me selling their existing capitals. I used mine exclusively as suitcases, but I had 4 of them. When I came back to EVE a few weeks ago, first thing I did was put them all on the market (as they're no longer that useful to me).

    And I know of more then a few other lowsec pilots that did the same. Obviously if the number stays up for an extended period you analysis might still be correct. But other factors could contribute.