Friday, December 05, 2014

The Lore Is Important

Somewhere along the line, CCP realized that the game universe lore was important to the players of EVE online even though they disparage role playing. Or rather remembered.

The current events in the game lore happening recently have many players that usually ignore the lore and treat it as a background to all player actions actually feeling excited about what they mean and portend. As an example of the excitement, listen to the latest Hydrostatic special episode called Rhea Lore Panel. Its a 2 hour summary of previous lore and the current lore and its possible implications. Fascinating stuff.

The upshot is that players are excited. They are looking around at Rhea and the Caroline's Star, and the lore news events, and asking "What's Coming?" with a nervous anticipation. CCP has rediscovered that Lore Matters.

But why?

Well, it matters because it shapes the game and the mechanics. Thera and the other 100 shattered wormholes are all heavily inspired and influenced by the Sleeper and Wormhole storyline; the player stargates and the "new space" implementation in the future will lean heavily on the decisions made for the lore today. And most importantly, CCP has made it clear that the direction and destination of the lore can be influenced by the player actions in meaningful ways.

Roleplayers or not, its easy to get excited about the background we engage each other in becoming more alive and vibrant. The game has always played second fiddle to player actions, but there is no reason for the background to be cardboard cutouts and completely hollow shells. The ride gets more exciting when there is more life to the animatronics.

And most importantly, the lore being dynamic and moving helps to bring players in and keep them engaged in those lulls when a player is between corporations or alliances. Hell, I want to go see Thera and I am fully engaged in Faction Warfare.

So good job, CCP, in reviving the lore storylines in a big way this fall. Good job energizing the community that follows the storylines from close and afar. Good job making us anxious for the next release not only for content but also for what it all means.


  1. You know, it's almost like CCP went and hired a famous LARPer as the new executive producer of EVE ... oh wait, they did!

  2. Fleshing out pixels with something meaningful ... good.

  3. I remember reading the Chronicles with great enthusiasm prior to the Apocrypha expansion. While we no longer have the same Chronicles, it is nice that CCP has found a way to engage us in the lore.

    I do miss the Chronicles, though.

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