Monday, October 20, 2014

Tugging at the Edges

Another thing announced at EVE Vegas was a new ship code named a "Tug":
Then there was a new ship type announced, currently codenamed “Tug.”

This will be a freighter sized ship that will be used for carrying around multiple fitted sub cap ships. A mock up of the ship was shown.
While this currently has no value to me in any of my activities right now, its something I can definitely see a need for in the world of rigged vessels that can't be repackaged. I was always a fan of the Orca's ability to carry ships around high sec but bemoaned its limited ship maintenance array that, at 400k m3, couldn't even carry a single battleship. This new tug is a nice counterpart to freighters which can carry everything but assembled ships with ease.

Now I'm wondering what its defenses will be like (i.e. how vulnerable it is to suicide ganking and I hope the answer is about the same as a freighter) and whether a tech II jumping version is ever going to be available, because that is what would interest me and my low sec shenanigans.


  1. With only low slots on the table and freighter warp/align it will be no different than using a freighter. Thinking about it, if you need to fly this with scouts and a webber-buddy - you back at the point where you may as well just flying the actual two BS hulls.

    1. May I ask Esky... where did you read/hear a limit of 2 BSes? That was not what I heard...

    2. From Sugar's blog and Q&A at Eve Vegas:

      Q: Specifics on the Tug?
      A: Two and a half fitted battleships maybe.
      Q: Slots and rigs?
      A: It should have some slots.

  2. You do see this is an answer or=f sorts to the nerf of force projection... I wonder how many fitted subcaps that thing will be bale ot transport.. hmmmm? Kinda risky though, puttin all your T3s in one basket as they say... could make for some entertaining Player Interaction dontcha think? =]