Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Head Spinning

When CCP announced last winter/spring that it was moving away from the biannual release cycle to 10 times a year (roughly every 6 weeks) I was pleased as I am a big Agile development fan and this has one of Agile's handprints all over it: frequent stable releases to respond to customer demands more often, i.e. making the development process more agile to the clients.

So since then we've had the Kronos, Cruis, Hyperion, and Oceanus releases with Pheobe release coming up quickly. Changes are coming so fast and often I find myself left with my head spinning.

At least when the releases were twice a year you got a chance to get used to the new order of things in New Eden and had time to develop all the appropriate habits and responses to how things work. There are times like this month where my playtime has been limited due to real life issues that I find myself just wishing the changes would stop so that things would be consistent long enough for me to get used to them!

I'm sure once I get back into the saddle this weekend that I'll feel better as I focus on my small slice of the cluster and get back to shooting things in the face, but the nerves about missing any time have only inceased in the post-Kronos EVE, a brave new world.

Side Note: Light blogging will end next week.

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  1. There were five releases for Rubicon...
    Rubicon 1.0 (11/19/2013), Rubicon 1.1 (1/28/14), Rubicon 1.2 (2/18/14), Rubicon 1.3 (3/12/14), Rubicon 1.4 (4/28/14)

    ...and three releases for Odyssey...
    Odyssey 1.0 (6/4/2013), Odyssey 1.1 (9/3/13), Odyssey 1.2 (10/22/13)

    ...for a total of eight EVE releases between early June 2013 and Fanfest 2014. So why did those not bother you but this does?