Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Seven to Go

So eight years in EVE this month and I'm approaching another milestone: only 7 more killmails until I hit 1000 on zKillboard.

I know that is not a lot compared to a lot of old veteran PvPers like the awesome Rixx Javix but I'm happy with it nonetheless given my extreme time constraints per week. I took a moment to graph out the kills into a little chart (sorry it runs right to left, I'm too lazy to switch it around).

I highlighted a few milestones. You can see the first two Bring Me the Head of Kirith Kodachi live events in 2010 quite easily, and you can see why I fondly recall my time in Paxton Federation in the original ProviBloc back in 2009, but the most striking change in the chart starts when I joined the Gallente Militia in June of 2012. Even in a small insignificant corporation practically by myself, with the same limited playing time, my PvP activity started to climb dramatically.

This is why I sing the praises of faction warfare and Aideron Robotics; it has allowed me to turn a limited weekly game time budget into a modestly successful PvP and Fleet Commander life.

This Sunday, time to get 7 more.

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  1. I've always believed that numbers are both interesting and meaningless at the same time. Of course they do provide a history and a benchmark of sorts, but they also don't capture the day-to-day enjoyment that we get from playing. There are times when I barely get any kills that I have a great time playing and those days cannot be captured by killmails. Complicated relationship.

    Congratulations on the milestone however. I know your play-time is even more limited than mine.