Monday, September 15, 2014


On a recent Declarations of War podcast (sorry, can't remember which one) Faction Warfare was discussed and the issue of null sec sov mechanics was tangentially mentioned. Using a version of FW mechanics for capturing systems was dismissed as "too gamey" to work in null sec.

While I can see what they are driving at as the mechanics in FW have elements that are obviously designed for a space PvP game and not based in any sort of reality whatsoever (i.e. "orbit this beacon for 20 minutes, do that a hundred times in the system, and then shoot this McGuffin, and we win the system!"), I take minor issue that any part of the existing null sec warfare mechanics, or for that issue any future mechanics, have any less claim to fame in terms of being not "gamey".

Think about current mechanics as modeled by this flowchart from

How is this model any less of a game mechanic as opposed to reality? To call FW mechanics as more gamey than the null sec sov mechanics is a pot calling the kettle black. Both systems are artifices of EVE being a game looking for balance between attack and defense in terms of system control.

Consider what a real war set in EVE's universe would be like...

"We want that system."

"OK, we'll blockade the gates with the fleet and negotiate the station's surrender."

"They refuse to surrender the station sir."

"Well, we can't wait for months for them to run out of food, so prepare the boarding ships, we'll send in the marines."

"Why not assault the station with our capital ships, sir"

"Are you mad? We want the station intact, not in pieces!"


  1. "Why not assault the station with our capital ships, sir"
    "Are you mad? We want the station intact, not in pieces!"

    Logical. Consistent. Rational. Realistic. etc. Sounds like a real game. Can't be Eve. Can it?

    Food for stations ... sounds like a distribution mission ... and humans.
    Add a bit of imaginative, colorful content and you have a winner!

  2. Starve 'em out!! I like it. I also love the idea of sending in the Marines to take a station, sounds like a cool game that could be FPS or something.

  3. Anonymous6:56 pm

    Marines? Don't we have the Dusties for that...?

  4. Strap autocannons onto shuttles, they're big enough to fit inside the hangar doors. Don't need marines if you let the space in and the air out.