Friday, September 05, 2014

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Meet the Small Tranverse Bulkhead I rig:

This little rig, relatively new in the scheme of things, is starting a little revolution in the fleet operations of Aideron Robotics. When used on a ship with proper hull tanking in mind, its proving to be effective at providing sufficient Effective Hit Points and resistances from the Damage Control II mod, while allowing the ship to be fast and agile. Its a good third option to Armour Tanking and Shield Tanking paradigms and something I've argued for in the past.

We are currently experimenting with a hull tanking doctrine on small frigates and destroyers and I'm hearing a lot of praise for it. I'd love for hull tanking to take a more prominent role in PvP as a viable doctrine so we're going to explore this to its fullest.


  1. A lightly tanked ship gets great mileage from a DC and hull rigs. What's more Gallente have a racial hull tanking advantage - if you look into it their ships have more hull hit points than comparable ships of other races.

    I wrote about it here

    Since I wrote that piece I've flown the Tristan fit a few times and had an absolute blast with it.

  2. I've flown hull tanked brutix and ruptures for years. This can only make them better

  3. I got into a nice rumble against a hull tanked Tristan before. They can get pretty tanky. Candyycanne runs this fit in Amarr/Minmatar FW space: