Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Tank Tuesday

I'm Back!
Good old World Of Tanks. You can take a break for a year and still get back up to speed pretty quickly.

Last year was a dip in, swim around for a bit, and then got bored and left again. This time the investment has been more involved and my sons have gotten in the action as well again as my youngest is discovering the joy of driving a tank all by himself (and the frustration of losing) and one of the twins is getting really into World of Warplanes as the controls for using a mouse and keyboard have really improved since beta.

So where am I? I logged in to discover a new second Tank Destroyer line I had not unlocked with some promising "glass cannon" gameplay to I jumped back into a tier IV Marder 38T and bombed around in that to unlock the tier V Pz. Sfl. IVc tank destroyer that looks like a giant box with a gun. But its often in fun battles at tier V so I'm enjoying it and the next TD, the tier VI Nashorn which has a much better top gun than the Jagdpanzer tank destroyer in the other line that I remember hating.

In the heavy department, I'm still rolling in my tier VIII Tiger II and getting close to having enough experience to unlock the tier IX E-75 heavy tank. Don't know yet if I'm going to actually get it as I don't play enough to generate enough credits for it without spending real money for gold to exchange, unless I do a serious garage clean out.

I'm still working on the tier VII Panther medium tank while working to unlock the Panther II at tier VIII, but honestly the Panther with its long 100 7.5 cm main turret is a hell of a sniper and a lot of fun, perhaps my favourite tank right now. I'll probably keep it and ignore the Panther II.

I gave up trying to do artillery. I was on the tier V Grille but only get frustrated all the time. Either I could not get any shots on target or my shots would land on target and fail to penetrate or do any damage. After 23 battles I had a 26% win rate and a grand total of 4 destroyed enemy vehicles. Yet, despite sucking so bad I still got mastery level 3 on it. Whatever.

Finally, I found I could unlock the VB 28.01 light tank at tier VI from my previously complete tier V Leopard light tank. Figuring "what the hell", I unlocked it and bought it and have been trying out scouting at higher tier battles. After six battles I'm enjoying it so far and working on unlocking the better suspension and motor.

So there you have it! We'll see how long I keep it up this time.

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  1. Get the panther 2. Its pretty good, and the long 88 gives you enough alpha and penetration to be respected on the battlefield.

    Plus, it being good helped calm my inner history nerd rage that the panther 1 is so meh in WoT when it was so good in real life