Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tank Tuesday: Big Cats

This past weekend I took a look at my garage and decided to shake things up a little.

Since repurchasing my Tiger II heavy tank, I found that my playtime with the JagdPanther II diminished greatly. Tank Destroyers in the high tiers were not working out for me, I had more fun and success with the tougher King Tiger. I still had my Tier VII Jadpanther which I have a lot of success with and scratched that sniper with the big gun itch for me.

With the Tiger II at tier VIII and little Panzer IV at tier V both being very long ranged sniper tanks, I found myself getting frustrated with the VK30.02 tier VII medium tank since it plays pretty much the same way, and I had no interest in the Indien-Panver tier VIII medium it was working towards. I decided to switch back to the tier VII Panther medium tank which I had built up previously and had a good crew in the barracks for, and work towards the Panther II. The VK30.02 only gets up to the short 88 gun, while the Panther has access to the long 75 gun, a sniper's sniper cannon. It may do less damage but it has higher pen values and a great rate of fire, and overall the Panther II looks better on paper than the Indien-Panzer.

So right now my rotation is Tiger II, Panther, Panzer IV, Leopard. Then sometimes to mix it up I use my little old Pz38 (tier IV) for lower tier matches (since the Leopard got bumped to tier V it sees more big tanks) and if I need to feel good about myself I jump in the Jagdpanther tank destroyer and ruin someone's day.

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  1. Anonymous11:56 am

    The Panther line is rewarding for players with a bit of patience and intelligence, I'm not surprised you're enjoying them. Still an open invite to platoon if you ever want to, it makes the higher tiers a bit more manageable.