Thursday, July 24, 2014

New Direction

After the rousing fun of being part of a pair of triage carriers in Bring Me The Head of Kirith Kodachi 3 last month, I made a couple decisions.

First, I wanted to train up Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration V so I could fit the Triage Module II for even better repping goodness.

Then, I decided it was time to break from my long held Caldari Only tradition for capital ships:

Training Gallente Carrier skill to unlock the Thanatos, my next big purchase. I also need Capital Armour Repair Systems skill trained up so those both will take a while. After that, Gallente Dreadnought and Capital Hybrid weapons.

Perhaps BMTHOKK4 will need a new poster...

Don't worry about my old faithful Chimera, the good ship Ninveah. It will find service with my alt who is skilled up for Caldari carrier as well.


  1. I thought Triage II needs TLR 4, not 5. You saved me a 10 days, I would have respecced without it and had to learn it in bad remap. By the way, you are learning Gallente Carrier with 1890 SP/hour which is +4 implants, bad remap.

    1. I honestly don't pay any attention to my remaps. After I hit around 90 million skillpoints it became a lot less important to me to get optimal points per hour.