Monday, July 28, 2014

Crius Changes - First Hiccup

I was travelling all weekend so when I got back Sunday I loaded up EVE and checked on my industry jobs, delivered my Capital Drone Bays and an Archon, put the ship up for sale and tried to build a new one.

Uh oh.

Apparently I need one more component of everything except Capital Computers, Sensors, and Shields.

Plugging all the new numbers in the spreadsheet of doom and I see my base mineral cost has increased by about 10%, and that has not taken into account the factory costs, which for the archon itself is 8.7 million once I get my missing components.

Honestly? So far, not feeling the big pinch despite not making use of any POS or teams. Once I get my new mineral load, I'll evaluate the component manufacturing costs and add it all together.

Speaking of teams, looks like all the decent capital manufacturing teams are getting hired in null sec for 20-75 million a pop right now. Its going to be next to impossible to get on to Iges, but I'll keep trying.

More updates to come.

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