Friday, June 13, 2014

Bring Me The Head Of Kirith Kodachi 3 - Only Two Weeks and Two Days Away!

We're approaching the two week mark until all hell breaks loose in Fliet system and things are moving right along. I've imported my equipment I need for the Chimera and plans are being made in furious fashion in the Aideron Robotics channels for how my corp mates will be defending my doomed carrier.

I've sent out personal nudges to groups like Noir Mercs who showed up for the last two BMTHOKK events (and were actually my defenders in the first one until I asked them to kill me as they were too good at their job!), Sniggewaffe, Stay Frosty, and anyone else on Twitter who would listen. I'm hoping to have a lot of groups in local all shooting each other around. Next week is my Forum Outreach week where I go to the major forums and make posts to get the word out further. I'm hoping to get a couple hundred in local for the event.

On a related note, I want to send a huge shout out to my corporation Aideron Robotics who have been stellar lately and have really rallied behind me for this event. We've even got one or two surprises planned but you'll have to show to find out.

On that note, I hope you can come out even if you are alone or a newer player in a Tech 1 frigate. No smart bombs this time, I swear, and an awesome faction cruiser prize for most damage in a Tech 1 frigate so grab a few and come on down. If you want to fleet up, you can join me in the Aideron Fleet and shoot at the pirates and thugs that come to shoot me.

Reminder, the current prizes are:

Most Damage on my Chimera killmail: Your choice Faction Frigate
Most Damage in Tech 1 or Faction frigate: Your choice Faction Cruiser
Final Blow on carrier killmail: Your choice Faction Battleship
Final Blow on Podmail: Your choice Faction Frigate

(Depending on prices of the new Mordu's Legion ships by the time July rolls around, I reserve the right to exclude them from the prize selection.)

Hope to see you June 29th!

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