Friday, May 23, 2014

BMTHOKK3 - Details! Prizes! "Rules"!

Following up on last week's announcement of the upcoming Bring Me The Head of Kirith Kodachi 3 event, here are some relevant details.

When: Right now I'm aiming for the evening of Sunday, June 29th starting around 9 PM (which is 0100 on the 30th Eve time). Sorry EU peeps, but my life with three little insane monsters necessitates I run this in the evening.

Where: Most likely Fliet in Essence. We are looking at having some cyno interference by fighting in a Large FW plex which is deadspace and thus prevents direct cynos hot drops.

What: I'll bring out my Chimera and sit in space until I'm dead. In order to encourage newer players to join us, I will NOT be fitting smart bombs this time. Aideron Robotics is planning a fleet to be there, and past BMTHOKK events saw hundreds of pilots in system shooting things out so I expect a similar turnout.

Why: For fun of course! And prizes...

Most Damage on my Chimera killmail: Your choice Faction Frigate 1

Most Damage in Tech 1 or Faction frigate: Your choice Faction Cruiser 1

Final Blow on carrier killmail: Your choice Faction Battleship 1

Final Blow on Podmail: Your choice Faction Frigate 1

(1 - Depending on prices of the new Mordu's Legion ships by the time July rolls around, I reserve the right to exclude them from the prize selection.)

See you in space!
BMTHOKK 1 (Click to embiggen)


  1. Promoted this to the Alliance. Not sure if I can make this time or not, I also have four little monsters to deal with. Hope it goes well either way.

  2. Sounds like fun, hope to be there.

  3. I think events like this, should start including prizes for most damage and times appearing on a PL killmail.