Thursday, May 22, 2014

Up and Running

Project Vulcan is back up and running at full speed producing Archons in the Placid region.

It took my a couple days to nail down a good production system, and another couple days to get everything moved into my new factory station. A couple weeks later, my first Archon is ready to be delivered and put on market and another one is being built.

In order to increase my throughput I purchased a second Archon BPO as well as purchased the rest of the component BPOs I needed from the proceeds of the Wyvern sale. My goal is to try and produce an Archon every week instead of every 12 days.

The next phase is to get a good schedule and routine going and see some profit from the enterprise. Then, once this has settled down, try to introduce Dreadnought production to the line.

The biggest roadblock continues to be mineral acquisition and transportation so its time to look into larger buy orders.

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