Friday, May 09, 2014

Mordu's Legion NOT Filling the Gap

Here's the fixed image of EVE "pirate" faction ships with Mordu's moved to the proper location between Caldari and Gallente.


  1. You're not alone. When Fozzie first told me his plans for Mordu's, I immediately assumed that a skirmishing missile boat would *obviously* be Caldari-Minmatar and I held this image in my head for weeks and weeks, even after being told it would have a disruptor range bonus.

    I still can't believe it isn't Caldari-Minmatar.

  2. It *is* weird how Gallente now feed into 5 pirate factions. But I guess they want to save the Minmatar-Caldari gap for the ECM bonused projectile-gunboat.

  3. Funny people thinked it would be Cladari-Matar

    Don't think there is a "pirate" group/subfaction that would be in that mix

  4. Here's the secret:

    Minmatar/Caldari are CONCORD.

    1. Tan-tan-TAAAAAAN!!!!

      nice one :)

      Seriously speaking... yes, why isn't there that pirate faction. ... and how cool would it be to have a concord militia :D