Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Mordu's Legion Filling the Gap

EDIT: Apparently I am a big idiot and confused warp scramble range with webbing range and messed up the fact that Mordu's is a second Caldari / Gallente cross. FAIL!!!

For the longest time in EVE, there was a weirdness that there was no pirate faction ships between Amarr and Gallente empires, nor one between Caldari and Minmatar, but there was two between Gallente and Minmatar, the Serpentis line (Daredevil, Vigilant, and Vindicator) and the Angel Cartel line (Dramiel, Cynabal, and Machariel).

With the introduction last year of the Sisters of EVE ships, the Astero frigate and Stratios cruiser (and later the Nestor battleship), the missing link between Amarr and Gallente was filled. Now with Kronos expansion this summer we get three Mordu's Legion ships that will fill the gap between Caldari and Minmatar and give us a complete faction ship array.

There is still the oddity of the two lines between Minmatar and Gallente, but the rest has a new symmetry. This means that regardless of your starting empire, you have  three faction ships to explore when you begin crosstraining.


  1. Mordu are Caldari/Gallente. Cldari missile bonuses and Gallente point range bonuses.

    1. Caldari*

      Unfortunately this means that there are now two Caldari/Gallente races and :still: no Caldari/Minmatar.

    2. !! What? I thought for sure they said ... no wait... my bad. Post updated.

    3. No worries :) An easy mistake to make, considering the gap that exists for a Cal/Min cross train. But, this does fit with the lore as Mordu are Caldari separatists with strong links to the Intaki.

  2. I can see the effort made to "fill gaps" for players. But I have to ask myself, other than selection of a training path and given that ships are "balanced", why do I care? How does Mordu's Legion interact with me, if at all?

    I'm a newer player and I don't understand how this enhances my playing experience. Or anyone else's.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of all these pseudo-NPC entities in the game ... but they don't do anything and they seem to be representative of nothing. Or am I missing something?

    1. It's tapestry, mood-setting, catering to the ADD crowd, plus it adds new subtle variances to the eternal game of Rock-Paper-Tac Nukes that is PvP.

      Plus, it provides an argument as to why industrialists deserve new ships, too.

    2. You're missing something.
      Some of it in book "Templar One", Mordu and the Legion play a huge role there. Some of it in-game: currently the only Mordu station in the game is in the Pure Blind region of nullsec and "held" by the Mordus Angels alliance, who contrary to their name, are not truly Mordu loyalist RPers.
      Then there's the EVElopedia lore, too, lots there, and some great story work compiled by Mark726 (in-game name, though I've met him out of game as well) that helps set a backdrop.

      Thanks to the somewhat-recent changes to the TOS that mean we have to tiptoe around claiming "relations" with NPC factions, the couple existing Mordu-aligned RP/RP lite corps (my own, and the Stormcrows) have had to back off greatly on how we play things, lest we run afoul of zealous GMs.
      Since the actual "happenings" of the universe are all player-driven, the players are mechanics-wise not able to do anything for NPC factions but run the same repetitive missions over and over, and are prohibited by TOS from engaging in in-game/EVE-O Forum words or acts "on behalf of" NPC factions... well, then nope, nothing "happens" with them, and they are functionally irrelevant in the game, excepting as "LP/Faction stuff grinds".

      However, at least the latest trend will cause some player-driven friction as people attempt to move in on Mordus Angels and secure that station for their own grinding purposes. ;-)

  3. What I can see is, the Gallente will now have access to 5 pirate factions, and the others only to 3... That's discrimination... More than before. :-/