Monday, March 10, 2014

Take That, ISIS!

When ISIS came out and I discovered I lacked mastery level V in some of my favourite ships despite being a dedicated combat pilot. Armed with a new training goal I went to work and this weekend I finally converted some certificates:

Not only did the skill training get the Incursus to V, but the Atron, Catalyst, Comet, Taranis, Ares, and Enyo did as well.

And I quick check on faction ships and I see I got my favourite pirate frigate as well:

Next up, drone skills for the rest of them.


  1. Congrats. My own skill training plan has been sidetracked since November by training leadership skills for the Tourney. Which is all good, needed a reason to finish those off anyway.

  2. OCD for the win . . .

    BTW, compare your training time for Gnosis to Mastery V, and your closest Titan to Mastery V

  3. Accidently discovered last night I have mastery V for freighters.

    Good luck with EWAR Drone V and the massive 3000m range gain after two weeks.