Wednesday, November 20, 2013

In Pursuit of Mastery

You'd think, with just under 132 million skillpoints on a combat pilot, that I'd have at least one ship with a mastery level V beside a shuttle. Nevertheless, its almost completely mastery level four across the board and not a single V to be found.

Damn you ISIS! I can feel my OCD kicking in...

I looked up my beloved Incursus and saw I was missing the Armour Tanking V due to only have level IV in the Armour Compensation skills and the Small Hybrid Turret V due to the specialization skills for blasters and rails. So I know what I'm doing next!

I really like this system over the certificates, it ties the ships and the skills together much more intuitively. I was looking for a new skill goal after getting my leadership skills to V so this is perfect timing.


  1. Yeah, I went looking for what I might have elite. I thought the Drake would be my thing. Nope, need all those tech II specialization skills up to V to get elite. So much training.

  2. I have shuttle, badger, tayra and bustard at rank V. Navigation skills ftw!
    My biggest gripe is that ISIS is a background item and can't be run in a window. I have to hide user interface or drag everything around to even see the bottom half.

  3. ISIS really reveals the weaknesses in the certificate system.

    Need amarr drone specialization to get master III for a tempest ?

    Who would use amarr drones on a tempest ?

    Why would I need armor layering on an active shield bonused ship like a vargur ? (and those amarr drones again)

    Why would I require high levels of training in four flavours of shield compensation on a ship with active shield rep bonuses, when shield compensation ONLY helps passive resist modules ?

    I can see maybe edge cases and bizarre drone choices for top level mastery (I guess) but required for III ?

    Or why we need for additional target tracking, when the level that is already trained is higher than the max capacities of the ships in question ?

    There is other strangeness in the certificate system, my thoughts are that its just a way for CCP to get players to focus on nearly useless skillls so that they don't run out of useful skills to train.

  4. Anonymous11:06 am

    I feel like overall the certificate system is fairly well put together. It's main flaw though is that certain fringe skills are included on levels 2-4, when they should realistically only be required for level 4-5.

    For example, shield compensation skills should be included for every shield ship, since it's part of having a *comprehensive* support skillset. But as it stands, you have to train them up to the level that corresponds to the mastery level you want. A more sensible approach would be to require shield comp skills at level 2 for mastery level 2. Then require level 5 for mastery level 5.

    Level 5 of all mastery groups should be free to include any fringe skills that *might* be useful for the ship. Level 4 should include all skills that a reasonably competent player should aim for. Level 1-3 should be varying levels of (quick) progression while focusing on skilling up for that ship. Currently, levels 2-4 contain many of the skills that should only fit in a level 5 mastery. Mastery level 4 should be the goal, with level 5 only being for bragging rights.

  5. LOL I was stunned to find I hold Masters Degrees for ALL Freighters!!! I dunt own one and aint never flown one...

    I REALLY like ISIS, being able to SEE the ships you can fly and your raking/skills in one well laid out format is nothing but a sack full of WIN!

    (shameless plug...)
    "ISIS, ISIS on the Wall... I Just Can't Fly That Shit at All!"

    1. I like ISIS as well, its just that it is frustrating when a certain level of mastery involves skills (particularly lengthy skills) that are only useful in fringe cases at best for level III mastery.

  6. What I find stupid in the ISIS is the need of Weapon Upgrades for every mastery lv2. For logis and all the industrials too...
    It's also laughable what Tur mentioned... I have lv3 mastery in all the freighters, where I can't even sit into any of them :-).
    And a lot of other smaller skills which feels... not so well thought thru.