Friday, March 21, 2014

Project Vulcan - Phase III Prototype Underway

Last month I talked about how in Phase III I wanted to get Archon production off the ground. Well, a reader of the blog saw what I needed and dropped a load of BPCs for the cap parts I needed in my lap and that allowed me to actually move on my plan.

I move the blueprints I needed into low and and purchased the extra minerals, leveraging a stockpile of trit and pyerite I had already to speed the process. Meanwhile, I was able to coordinate blueprint sharing of the common parts to impact Orca production only minimally. I had an alt trained up for more production slots and shared the work with my main production alt who's still on the Orca line.

Today the long build of the 44 drone bays comes out and the 11 build of the Archon will go in. I don't know if I will wait for it to build and sell before starting another run, depends on ISK reserves for purchasing the next round of minerals as I don't want to impact Orca production. Yet.

One thing to come out of this prototype test run is that blueprint sharing between the Orca and Archon lines is problematic. Not so much the case of "I need that BPO for this build here but its still in use" and more of "Where the hell did I leave that thing?", not to mention the risk of transporting BPOs from low sec to high sec and back. So, I'll probably consolidate my production in low sec and simply risk the mineral imports via the jump freighter, which, to be honest, is not that big of a risk for certain stations.

The real outstanding question is how much should I put the Archon on the market for and how fast will it sell?

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  1. Remember when it comes to pricing cap ships: The price is dictated by the spot price of minerals, not the price you paid when you started the whole build process. If you think the announced destruction of mission looting will drive up mineral prices in the near future, sell it later. Another thing I use as an indication of trends is how quickly my capital BPC's move, particularly the ship maintenance BPC. If they are moving fast, that means a lot of people are building, and as weird as it sounds, that is a good thing for capital ship sales as well.