Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Project Vulcan - Preparing For Phase III

Production of Orcas at a rate of two a week continues steadily and the profit margin without Ragelle's savings has shrunk to only ~41-44 million per unit so about 80+ million per week. That being said, I'm still pretty happy as the time investment is fairly minimal.

As my wallet bulged from increasing ISK, I knew it was time to start investing in Phase III; carrier production. First thing I did was pick a carrier to build and it was between the two most popular models, the Gallente Thanatos and the Amarr Archon. I decided to start with the Archon as it has larger broad appeal even though it might be less popular in my particular area.

Next I investigated which capital part BPOs I would need to build an Archon.

Capital Armour Plates 10
Capital Capacitor Battery 9
Capital Computer System 3
Capital Construction Parts 7
Capital Corporate Hanger Bay 10
Capital Drone Bay 44
Capital Jump Drive 10
Capital Power Generator 10
Capital Propulsion Engine 6
Capital Sensor Cluster 3
Capital Shield Emitter 4
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay 10

In comparison, here is my Orca production requirements:

Capital Capacitor Battery 8
Capital Cargo Bay 35
Capital Computer System 6
Capital Construction Parts 14
Capital Corporate Hanger Bay 4
Capital Sensor Cluster 4
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay 6

So BPOs I need are:
Capital Armour Plates
Capital Drone Bay
Capital Jump Drive
Capital Power Generator
Capital Propulsion Engine 
Capital Shield Emitter

As well as the Archon BPO itself. Wow! Not as much overlap from the Orca BPOs as I had hoped. I didn't have the capital for that many BPO purchases, but I have a plan.

I went and purchased researched originals of an Archon and Capital Drone Bay blueprints. Then I'm going to price out how much it would be to purchase BPCs for the other parts which require at most 10 units per build. With luck, I can get them cheap enough that the profit for building and selling the Archon is still ~100 million ISK or more.

In theory, it might be more profitable in the short term to continue building Orcas instead of diverting resources to an Archon build, but my goal was always serious capital production and not just stopping at Orcas. 

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