Monday, March 03, 2014


Things continue to develop in these Sunday Night Open Fleets I've been running for Aideron.

Last night I found a fleet already started with a lot of people in it, but apparently some neighbours in Gal Mil were getting impatient waiting for an FC and didn't want to use Mumble and left soon thereafter. Dude, I just got here!

As I reformed the fleet, we started off in our usual eclectic mix of destroyers and T1/T2 frigs. We picked up a couple miscellaneous kills as we started off in Fliet including this neutral Vexor and his expensive pod.

BTW, if you are neutral in low sec and I see you on a stargate or a station, I'll be wary but probably not aggressive. But if you are on the gate of a plex or in a plex, you might as well wear a sign saying "Shoot Me Please!" and I will engage that shit all day long.

Back on track.

We started a roam and my forward scouts reported Brutix on a gate. As they tried to get it to engage and we set up on the other side of the gate, a whole related enemy fleet landed: Guardians, battlecruisers, cruisers, and battleships.

Holy crap.

We want that fight, but not in our little frig/destroyer fleet. We burned back to Fliet ahead of the enemy fleet and start reshipping into our Rogue Squadron cruisers with Vexors for DPS and at least 5 Exequrors for support. As we were almost ready, we lost track of the enemy fleet and had a bit of a panic that we were going to miss a fight when we thought "hey, maybe we should check Old Man Star?" Somehow the busy system two jumps from Fliet was forgotten. Sure enough, they were there, camping the Heydieles gate. We formed up on the other side, girded our loins so to speak, and jumped in.

We faced a fleet centered on two Armageddon battleships, flanked by a Myrmidon and a Brutix with three Ruptures and three Thoraxes, an Omen Navy Issue and Ishtar for bling, and backed by three Guardian logistics and an Exequror. We had seven Vexors, Marcel in his Dominix battleship, a Celestis, and five Exequrors as well as a smattering of smaller ships.

The fight was long and close quarters, with the Armageddon neutralizers playing havoc with our logistics and a few target ted kills on our Ogre II drones lowering our DPS, but our sheer volume of firepower overcoming the enemy reps and taking out the softer targets. It took twenty minutes, but finally they deaggressed and left the field to us.

After the final tally, we found we killed the Brutix, four Thoraxes, three Ruptures, a Stabber, and the Omen Navy Issue while losing two Algoses and two Atrons.
It was a great intense fight that could have gone downhill for us with one or two bad decisions. Big thanks to Marcel who provided valuable guidance to me in this fight as I am not as used to these larger battles than I am the smaller and simpler ones.

* * * * *

Aideron Robotics is still recruiting. If you want to give us a try, feel free to join one of our Open Fleets that we have been holding Sunday evenings. We're looking to expand to other times so drop in Aideron Robotics channel and let us know if you are interested.

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