Tuesday, March 04, 2014


February was good to me.

The fleets I organized and led had a few good fights almost every outing along with a number of straight up ganks and I finished the month with an even 50 killmails associated to my name, my highest ever in 7+ years of PvP. My previous high was September last year with 44 killmails.

HA! You are proud of that?! I can get 50 killmails in a night!

Yes, I know you can. I have heard it all before. But everyone has different playstyles, environments, and constraints and for my life 50 is a big number. Consider, I get time to sit down and PvP one night a week, for 2-2.5 hours, maybe 3 in a pinch. We'll round down to 2 to take into account fleet setup time and miscellaneous tasks. There are about four times in a month I can do this, so say 8 hours of PvP per month.

In low sec, really big fights are rare but you will see fairly frequent fights of 10-15 ships per side. More often its smaller than that. In a two hour patrol/roam we might get one of those larger fights but its never down to the last ship; usually the losing side takes four or five losses as they get out.

So in order to hit 50 kills in a month for me I need about 6-7 kills every time I log in for a night. Some nights that is easy, like this past Sunday (which was part of March, natch). Other nights its really hard as everyone seems to be busy some Sunday nights.

So why do you not log in more often? All I hear is excuses for your suckitude.

Who the hell let this guy in here anyway? To answer the belligerent question, I decided a long time ago to balance my life between various facets and we all know that EVE can be a time suck unlike any other. My days are occupied with work and raising kids and my evenings are mostly given over to relaxing with my wife and occasionally other hobbies like the podcast (which has languished this month admittedly), Call of Duty, Civ V, etc.

What you are saying is that you suck on purpose. Unlike that awesome and handsome blogger Rixx Javix whose battleclinic ranking is amazing... What's your ranking again?

Hey! Rixx, is that you?! WHO THE HELL LET RIXX IN HERE?

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  1. That totally wasn't me, just some poser trying to start a fight. I totally respect limited play-time, with my own business, 4 boys, and everything else that goes along with that, I have my own challenges with time. One of the reasons I started Stay Frosty.

    Although tbh, that isn't working out exactly like I hoped. lolz