Monday, November 18, 2013

The More Things Change

One of the surreal things about playing a single game for seven years is being suddenly reminded of something from the past and how things used to be, and how much things have changed since then... while a lot is still the same.

Last night I was patrolling Heydieles when I ran into a small gang of pirates fishing by a plex gate in a couple destroyers and frigates. I immediately recognized one name from the past, the infamous Andrea Skye. After gamely losing a Vexor partially because I forgot to check I had Warrior IIs in the drone bay, (but salvaging my honour a bit with a Slasher kill later), I noticed they were joined by another EVE celebrity, the even more infamous Spectre3353 of EVE Newb blog fame.

Which leads the the surreal part: his blogging almost completely dried up in the middle of 2010 so any player that is around 3 years old into Eve would probably not recognize him. He is an EVE celebrity from a different age, one that has passed into the history books while I wasn't looking.

Times change. But at least I find some comfort in knowing there is a chance to get blown up by Spectre3353 and Andrea Skye still.

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  1. Today I was in Evati and checked my bms looking for a safe spot, one of my bms is named "CDM" and it caught me off guard for a second. CDM was for Celebrity Death Match, which Nashh Kadavr used to run and where I fought him over three years ago. Back then he was the Pirate and I was the Null Space Soldier.

    I also ran into Paritybit today, who is finally back after a year and a half away from the game.

    You and I are getting older by the day my friend.