Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Reasonable Things

I saw over at Jester's Trek that they might run another Reasonable Things crowd-sourcing so I wanted to write down some of my ideas while I'm thinking of them.

1. Colour code the ECCM modules like the ECM modules. Right now they are all the same white colour (and sometimes similar names) despite having vastly different applications; once I bought a bunch of Alumel Gravimetric ECCM Sensor Arrays instead of Alumel Magnetometric ECCM Sensor Arrays and didn't know until I went to fit the ships.
Needs colour.
Failing that, collapse the entire set of four into one like projected ECCM. After all, there is no decision making here since a ship can only use one type anyways.

2. Let me permanently dismiss the warning dialog box when I pick an industrial slot that is already in use. Its OK, I know, all the yellow and red text told me, I don't need you to warn me again for the millionth time!

3. Remember overheating status of a module or rack on a session change. PLEASE!

4. Let me multi-select and choose to rename a bunch of ships at once.

5. Let me right click on a stack of ships and assemble all of them at once. If you have to, put a hard limit on it like 20 or 50, but please let me do more than one at a time!

6. I'm not sure of the right fix here, but a few times I've been killed because my Ancillary Armour Repairer stopped running and went into reload mode during a fight because I forgot to set auto-reload to off. Perhaps modules that can run with and without a charge should default to "Auto-Reload Off". A Graphical indication of the state and perhaps a way to toggle it without the right click menu would be helpful.

7. Let me drag a bookmark into fleet chat and then allow people to click on it to align or warp to it. Alternatively, have a "Fleet Locations" in the bookmarks list that the FC can add to and they live only as long as the fleet exists.

More to come as I think of them...


  1. Anonymous2:07 pm

    I really like the fleet bookmarks idea. If you're in the same corp, you can transfer bookmarks nearly immediately, like magic. If you're not, you've got to copy them to cargo, then jettison them or dock and trade/contract. It'd ridiculous.

  2. Regarding ECM and ECCM; Have all ECM and ECCM be a general, all race inclusive module. Use scripts to specialize towards one particular race.

  3. For ECM, I can see that (although that has extreme flexibility power concerns), but why bother with scripts for ECCM? Each ship only benefits from *one* type of ECCM module so there is no reason to change scripts or have no scripts. I'd just make them affect all sensor types and have one set of common modules.

  4. Order local player list by contacts first, then everyone! preferably red/orange/then blues, then neutrals. Would make it *so* much easier to see friends and foes.